Hey there!

My name is Adrian Lungu. I'm a jack of all trades, a creative rational, an analytical being with a knack for solving problems, particularly challenging ones.

My journey into technology started when I was very very little; growing up playing games on a tape game console, and later fooling around on a 486, Norton Commander, and later Windows 3.1.

When the internet hit me in early 2000s (hello dial-up!), I stumbled upon online multiplayer games which got me fascinated with game development and prompted me to start learning C++ and graphical design.

While that proved to be a pretty difficult endeavour for my age at that time, it did not stop me to learn how to hack things, create websites (insert geocities references here), design templates in Photoshop, and even build my own hosting servers with online communities (phpBB anyone ?).

When logic meets art

After going pretty far in graphical design, I started looking into music. You can't have games without a proper soundtrack, can you ?

While it isn't a trend anymore, in the 2000s there were a lot of websites that had music playing in the background.

Being a very big music lover, I've ventured into music composition, using various software and synths to get started.

I ended up collaborating with great people, great artists, and even releasing some songs which can still be found on YouTube or Spotify to this day.

How does this tie into everything we've talked about till now ?

Artists strive for perfection; and this can be seen across my skill set, be it coding a project, designing a user interface, building up a user experience, copywriting, or even marketing a project.

After all, the devil's in the details.

With great power...

Being passionate about many things sounds great; but it does come with a cost.

While my passions span across fields such as music, psychology, virtual reality, cooking and diet; it's easy to get lost in them instead of making effective use of the common denominator.

Having taken most of my passions to the next level, I'm now dedicated to helping others reach their next level, be it through their business, new ventures, ideas, experiments, or anything that crosses over into the tech world and beyond.

Take your project to the next level!